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FAQ's for 6 Square Cabinets

What are 6 Square Cabinets' lead times?

3-4 weeks for framed full overlay. And 5-6 weeks for Inset and//or Premier Paints

How does 6 Square Cabinets compare to other brands?

The companies I represent don’t easily fit into the standard definitions of custom, semi-custom, and stock. 6 Square’s quality at stock is virtually the same as most semi-custom companies. Especially for their paints, which are superior to 90% of the stock cabinets on the market.

Please request my free market price comparison via email at bob@dovetailmarketing.net

Does 6 Square Cabinets offer marketing support?

See www.6squarecabinets.com, color brochure, detailed price book and product manual, extensive dealer resources online (pricing program, shipping details, invoices, order submission).

Are 6 Square Cabinets' products on 20-20? How do I order?

20-20 file submitted through website, online ordering program, or faxed  20-20 cabinet list print out

How does 6 Square Cabinets ship?

Common carrier to commercial location, CDS logistics, or JJ Tristate. Additional charge for inside job site delivery. Cabinets are boxed.

Are 6 Square Cabinets' cabinets all plywood construction?

6 Square Cabinets boxes are all plywood construction. 6 Square Cabinetry builds solid wood panels on all raised panel doors.

What areas does 6 Square Cabinets represent?

PA and NJ. 6 Square Cabinets sells in larger geographic areas through other representation

Can you describe the quality of 6 Square Cabinets' cabinets?

6 Square Cabinets' cabinets are in upper level quality of stock cabinets and are more like nationally branded semi-custom cabinets in quality.  When ordering painted cabinets from many stock cabinet companies it is “cross your fingers and hope for the best”.  This isn’t the case with 6 Square. Their painted cabinets are top notch for the stock cabinetry category.

How flexible are 6 Square Cabinets? (design flexibility and options)

6 Square Cabinets are stock with semi-custom modifications. Unlike Prevo and Brighton Cabinetry they do not deviate from the specifications in their product manual. Their price point reflects a more simple product offering compared to higher priced cabinets.

What are display and sample programs?

6 Square Cabinets offers 50% off displays. If you purchase their sales center 2% of purchases go towards credit for sales center.

What are finish charges/wood species charges?

Stained maple or birch is the base pricing. Cherry is available for doors except for Kingston, Nicollet, and Copenhagen. And is approximately 10% more than stained maple on shaker door. 6 Square’s paint/ glaze finish is combined as one finish option, but is not available on a Shaker door. Please contact me at bob@dovetailmarketing.net for detailed price comparison.


6 Square Cabinets spec and pricing manual 

Picture of 6 Square Cabinets sales center 

Also, be sure to visit www.6squarecabinets.com for things like finish options, door styles, and additional photo galleries.